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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bruce Lee rare pictures

Victims of Fashion

How cute these creatures are, aren’t they? However, they are just the material in the cruel process of making fur coats so adored by fashionable women. 

Brazilian Police vs Drug Traffickers

Street Artist Hailed as China’s Chalk God

Mr. Hou is an average Joe who recently became popular thanks to a few photos of his chalk art being posted on Chinese forums.

The first photos of Mr. Hou’s 3D chalk art first appeared late last month, and Chinese netizens quickly gave him the nick name “Chalk God” and compared him to the architects from the sci-fi blockbuster Inception, for his ability to create unbelievably realistic-looking landscapes.

Because his works first appeared on a Chinese forum, his identity had to be dug-up by the media, and everyone was surprised to discover the talented chalk artist was just an average citizen who exercised his talents for the fun of his little boy. The humble Mr. Hou said he doesn’t believe his artwork are that impressive, but actually the ideas behind them.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hanging Qeswachaka Bridge in Peru Made Out of Grass

Qeswachaka Bridge at the southern province of Canas in Cuzco in Peru is 120 feet (36.6m) long. it's build out of special grass that is called Qoya. It has to be rebuilt every year.

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