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Monday, October 17, 2011

The Dog with a Painful Skin Condition Whose Life was Saved by PYJAMAS

A dog with a painful skin condition has been saved hours before he was due to be put down - thanks to some new pyjamas.

Mr Bojangles, a five-month-old crossbreed, was due to be put to sleep but was rescued by a charity from Burton, Staffordshire, in the nick of time.

They gave him 'dog pyjamas' to stop him scratching and he is now making a good recovery.

They call me Mr Bojangles: 'Bo' shows off the pyjamas that stop him from scratching and biting himself. He was hours away from being put to sleep when an animal charity in Burton, Staffs, came to his rescue

Life savers: The pyjamas prevent Mr Bojangles from scratching himself, giving his skin a chance to heal while he is treated for the painful skin condition Demodex mange

It turned out that Mr Bojangles has Demodex mange - a contagious skin disease caused by mites - which had not been treated, leading to him scratching and biting his own body to re lieve the discomfort.

The charity Impawtant Pups Rescue rescued Mr Bojangles from a dog pound in Cambridgeshire.

Charity worker Emma Nicholson said: 'We went down on Sunday to get him straight away and now he is settled in, with his own sets of pyjamas to keep his wounds covered.'

She said that he is an affectionate dog who gets on well with the others at the pound.

It is hoped that Mr Bojangles will find a new home some time in the future but for now the charity is trying to raise money for treatment.

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