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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Iron man fan stuns work colleagues

A Chinese man stunned his colleagues by walking into the company wearing a set of Iron Man armour he made at home, in Shanghai.

Wang Kang, 25, who works for a leading telecoms company, donned the 50kg Iron Man armour around his workplace before walking out to the public area for a demonstration.

"No colleagues knew my mission, and some of them froze as I approached, and some were even screaming," explained Wang

Wang walked along the company corridors and visited different departments. Each time he visited an office, there would be a larger crowd following him around.

However, when Wang and his colleagues walked to the front door of the company, the security guard stopped him, asking him to remove the armour before stepping out.

Wang continued: "He warned me that it's not good for directors to see me dress like this. It's not good for the company image."

He added: "I originally wanted to walk around in the offices, and then move out of the building to have a live Q&A session outside."

The security guard also asked Wang's name and his working ID number. Unexpectedly, the company bosses supported Wang's actions, saying it was good for cultivating the company culture.

Wang revealed that since waering the Iron Man armour, women have even sent him messages, asking to be his girlfriend. Wang beamed: "They said I am a happy and creative man, and they wanted to know me."

He added: "I like the movie Iron Man very much since it came out during the summer of 2008, and I thought of making a suit of iron man armour myself."

The main material of the armour is EVA foam, which is glued onto an aluminium frame. Soldering irons were used to make the effect of rough iron plate edges. The whole armour was painted the colour of aged iron and took three months in total to create.

After the frame and the glued 'iron' plates were completed, Wang then installed wires, pipes and circuits into the impressive armour.

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