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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Row over BO11 LUX number plate

The DVLA have ordered a motorist to remove his cheeky 'BO11 LUX' car registration plate - which they sold to him six weeks ago.

Alan Clarke, 49, from Chesterfield, paid £399 for the plate via the Government agency's website and put it on his Range Rover.

But he has now received a letter from the DVLA demanding its removal as it was "causing offence", reports the Mirror.

Mr Clarke, a company director, has been told he could face a fine of up to £1,000 but insists: "I'm not backing down.

"It's my plate and I'm not taking it off. They said it was causing offence and I had to remove it, and they are threatening to criminalise me.

"But they are a Government agency and put the plate on their own website. I saw it there and thought it would be fun to put it on my new car.

"Everyone laughs when they see it. They sent me a normal plate to put on but I sent it back. They've still got similar plates on the site."

The DVLA said: "We try to identify combinations that may cause offence. When potentially offensive plates slip through the net, steps are taken to withdraw the registration number.

"This plate has been withdrawn, therefore it is an offence for the driver to still display it. He would receive a refund.

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