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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jail for Kiev BBQ protestors

Protestors who fried sausages on an eternal flame honouring the tomb of an unknown soldier in Kiev, the Ukraine, are facing five years in jail for defacing the tribute to the country's fallen heroes.

The three women outraged officials when they were filmed barbecuing bangers and frying eggs on the flame and then posted the footage on YouTube.

TV reporter Elena Bilozerskaya - who filmed the stunt - said the women were trying to highlight the plight of living war veterans who cannot get jobs and now live on the streets.

"We wanted to show the poor treatment of war veterans. The money spent on the grave could be better spent on pensions for the veterans who can't even afford to make a breakfast like this," she explained.

Ringleader Anna Sinkova is already in jail on remand facing trial while police study the video for clues on the identity of her accomplices.

A police spokesman said: "Under paragraph 2, Article 297 of the Criminal code, desecration of a grave is a criminal offence. We are examining the video to identify the faces of the other women involved."

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