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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bride celebrates divorce ceremony

A Chinese woman decided to hold a divorce ceremony to celebrate the end to her unhappy 27-year marriage.

The unique ceremony was held in a hotel in Taiyuan, capital of northern China's Shanxi Province.

A Lincoln car picked up Yuan Li and her three children from their apartment, and drove to Yuan Li's parent's house. "I was picked up by my husband from my home 28 years ago, and now I am back home with glory," said Yuan Li.

Then at a local hotel, Yuan held the divorce ceremony. With the host announcing: "The divorce ceremony now starts."

A smiling Yuan Li the climbed to the stage, but when the host asked her to say something, she choked, but following applause from those present, Yuan said, "Today, I am not lingering for this marriage any more. Having a divorce ceremony makes me happy and is a clear farewell to the past and I will continue to live happily with my children."

Yuan Li's sister-in-law made a speech. She said, "We are very happy she is united with us again. We'll let her have a happy life from now on."

In a reverse of her wedding vows, the host also asked Yuan Li to make divorce vows.

The host said: "Yuan Li, listen, from today on, he, the one you used to devote your whole life to love, will have nothing to do with you. No matter he is rich or poor, healthy or ill, chasing or caring, you won't have any relationship with him; will you agree?" Yuan Li answered loudly: "I agree."

After the vows, Yuan Li rip up their wedding pictures on the stage, then threw her wedding ring into a water tank with goldfish, announcing she has bid farewell to the marriage.

Yuan Li's husband of 27 years, Wang Jian, perhaps unsurprisingly wasn't in attendance.

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