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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Egg throwing set for sport status

The World Egg Throwing Federation has claimed success in the first stage of the process for official recognition for Egg Throwing as a recognised sport.

Spokesman Andy Dunlop told Orange: "We're eggstatic that Sport England has recognised that four out of five of our games are true and legitimate sports - our re-submitted application will deal with all the minor administration matters they raise - it's a great day for athletic endeavour."

The World Egg Throwing Federation received the response of Sport England which, whilst not fully successful, has opened the way for full recognition of the following disciplines of egg throwing which fulfil the definition of the Council of Europe's European Sports Charter 1993 - two person throw and catch, static relay, target throwing, egg trebuchet.

However disappointingly, Russian Egg Roulette was not accepted as a sport as it failed the definition outlined.

The preliminary recognition process also failed due to a few minor administrative faults which included, amongst others, a lack of financial accounts being provided, a lack of complaints procedures and evidence of membership numbers meeting the required amount.

The World Egg Throwing Federation (incorporating the All England Egg Throwing Federation) is now addressing these failings to ensure full recognition in time for the start of the 2012 season.

The World Egg Throwing Championships take place at Swaton in Lincolnshire on Sunday 26 June.

Dunlop added: "We offer better value than Olympic Games (2012) tickets - as its £4 for adults, £2 for school children (under that free) and a family ticket is only a tenner - plus you can take part as well!"

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