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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Druids want road safety job

Druids are campaigning for transport officials to put them back on the books after claiming to have slashed the number of accidents at a notorious blackspot to zero.

Austrian officials were the first in the world to hire druids to tackle accident blackspots but cancelled the project after three years because of a lack of funds.

That was a fatal mistake according to arch druid Wolfgang Hanisch, who is campaigning for the the druid squad to be reinstated.

He funded another pilot project, between Merkengersch and Dobersberg in Austria in 2004, and said: "If they wanted proof this is it.

"Seven years on there has been no serious accidents on this stretch of road - even though the number of cars using the road has doubled during this time.

"With our mystical divining rods we discovered negative rays coming from the area and these caused the drivers to have accidents, therefore we decided to erect stones to allow the energy to drain away.

"You have to know exactly where to put the stones, otherwise you can make the situation even worse. You can make the rays even stronger. The stones for example have to come from the region."

And he wants Austrian transport officials at the country's roads maintenance office to reinstate their druid officers.

Not everyone however is convinced of the effectiveness of the druids' methods.

Local mayor Reinhard Demel said: "There is still a a big question mark over whether the stones are responsible for what is admittedly a dramatic decrease in the number of accidents."

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