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Monday, June 27, 2011

Theme park boss duped by Lego car

The boss of a Legoland theme park was stunned when staff swapped his car for one made of Lego.

Peter Ronchetti went to drive home in his real Volvo XC60 to find it had been replaced with a life-sized copy made from 201,076 of the toy bricks.

The prank was thought up by colleague Tim Petsche, who snuck away Ronchetti's keys and called in a forklift to move in the three-tonne model car.

Mr Ronchetti took the joke in his stride, playing around with the car and pretending to unlock it.

He said: "We have a very fun, creative team here at Legoland California and it really was the perfect prank. I can tell you that I won't leave my keys laying around ever again."

Beth Chee, spokeswoman for the park in Carlsbad, California, watched and photographed the prank, saying that Ronchetti thought it was "very funny".

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