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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Great Dane And Chihuahua

Real life Little and Large: How an unlikely friendship has developed between Jacob the Great Dane and Camilla the Chihuahua

This odd-sized duo have been dubbed a real-life 'Little and Large' after becoming friends at an animal sanctuary.

Two-hundred-pound Great Dane, Jacob, may be a hundred times bigger than tiny two-pound Chihuahua Camilla, but the feisty little pooch doesn't hesitate to put him in his place and he has patiently learned to put up with her mood swings.

Jacob became a big hit with visitors and staff as the largest dog ever to be housed at Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary in Ramsbottom, Lancashire - even bigger than the sanctuary's resident Shetland Pony - after his owners could no longer care for him.

New friends: Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary in Lancashire have just received two new dogs, their tallest ever - a Great Dane called Jacob and their smallest ever a Chihuahua called Camilla

But it was pint-sized pooch Camilla - who at 7in tall is too little to sleep in the kennels and has her own makeshift bed in the sanctuary's office - who really took a shine to the huge dog.

Stray Camilla, who hit the headlines when she arrived six weeks ago in a poor state, with staff fearing that she may have been treated as a Paris Hilton-style fashion accessory, is now recovering well and happily focuses all of her attentions on her new pal

Best pals: Jacob towers over Camilla at Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary in Lancashire

Little and Large: Camilla perches on Jacob's broad back

Mr Martin said: 'Just imagine Camilla and Jacob on the same diet. They have different needs. She would choke on normal-size dry food pellets.

1 comment:

  1. My 6 years old Great Dane die on bloat 2 months ago, my Great Dane and your Great Dane have 95% look alike. So happy to see your Great Dane picture. Look like I have 3 extra picture for me for my memory.


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