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Friday, June 17, 2011

Star narrates 'Go The F*** To Sleep'

Hollywood star Samuel L Jackson has narrated an audio version of a foul-mouthed nursery rhyme book.

The 62-year-old Pulp Fiction star says he was inspired to record the audio version of Go The F*** To Sleep after he was told about it by his agent who has young twins.

The book is an adults only mock bedtime story by Adam Mansbach which is aimed at sleep-deprived parents.

Each page of the book contains an illustration and radically honest verse which ends with a variation of the words "go the f*** to sleep".

Digital versions of the book went viral last month, helping it to shoot to the top of the Amazon best seller list before it was even printed.

Samuel L Jackson's audio version of the book is available, for free, on Audible.com.

Before reading from the book, Jackson reveals that he often told his own daughter to "go the f*** to sleep" when she was growing up.

"I think at some point, she would look at me when I would come in her room and she'd say, "Go the f*** to sleep Daddy?" And I'd say, "Yeah, go the f*** to sleep"."

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