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Monday, June 20, 2011


Look this strange, weird and hilarious photos, where teenagers caught Suicidal.

Children as young as 12 left onlookers stunned after risking their lives by ‘tombstoning’ from a death-defying 65-foot height.

The youngsters gathered at the notorious Dead Man’s Cove point yesterday to make the potentially lethal leap into the rocky water below.

A 13-year-old girl seems to freeze in terror before making the dangerous plunge – holding her nose as she hurtles through the air.

Dare devils: Children as young as 12 make the potentially fatal 65-foot leap

No fear: The group stunned onlookers with their reckless behaviour

Another teenager, covered in tattoos, strips off to the waist before diving head-first off the ledge - which is infamous for tombstoning - on the Plymouth Hoe, Plymouth.

It comes in the same week that teenager Dean Mason died after leaping into Holcombe Quarry, Somerset.

Death-defying: A teenager plunges head first after making the potentially fatal leap off Dead Man's Cove

Dangerous: A girl holds her nose as she hurtles to the water from the 65-foot drop

The 19-year-old, from Weston-super-Mare, is the latest to be killed in the highly dangerous craze.
After the Somerset tragedy on Saturday, Avon and Somerset Police Inspector Jo Ross said: 'Although it is tempting to jump into cool water in the hot weather, I would urge people not to jump into the unknown.

Lucky landing: The girl hits the water after jumping from Dead Man's Cove

Deadly jump: Dead Man's Cove is a notorious tombstoning point in Plymouth

'Submerged objects like rocks may not be visible, and can cause serious injury or death if you jump on to them.

'Equally the shock of the cold water can be just as harmful and make it difficult to swim.

'Don't let alcohol, drugs or peer pressure affect your judgment.'

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