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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Appeal for Bravehearts with strong stomachs

Lulu and The Proclaimers have added their voices to support to Sunday's Edinburgh International Haggis Championship.

The championship is one of the first events of Edinburgh's festival season, and will raise funds for Help for Heroes.

The inaugural competitive eating championship takes place at the Art Roch hostel on Edinburgh's Grassmarket.

Lulu explained: "We've got to have a Scottish champion. I think I myself have eaten a haggis supper in less than two minutes in my youth.

She added: "Here's to raising lots of money and putting Scotland's delicious national dish firmly on the map!"

Craig and Charlie Reid of The Proclaimers described Help for Heroes as "the most worthy of causes". Scotland's most famous twins added: "Good luck with the indigestion."

The day of fun starts at 11am and vegetarian versions of haggis will be available for anyone who can't stomach oats and innards.

Caryn Carroll, one of the organisers based at Art Roch, says now is the time to get into training but that when it comes to competitive eating size doesn't actually matter.

She said: "The best competitive eaters around the world are actually skinny because it's easier to stretch out your stomach when you're not pushing up against lots of fat. And unlike a marathon you have to sprint from the start before your stomach begins to realise how much food is going in there.

"We'll be offering brave hearts with strong stomachs a choice of meat-based and vegetarian haggis, which Halls , the haggis makers, has agreed to donate. It's a good idea to get some practice in before hand. And we'll let contestants wash down the great chieftain o' the pudding' race with a soft drink."

She added: "They shouldn't compete on an empty stomach because empty stomachs apparently don't stretch very well so a proper meal the night before is a good idea."

Competitor numbers will be strictly limited so entrants are advised to register now by emailing info@theprcompany.biz or joining the Edinburgh haggis championship Facebook page.

Carroll is also promising a fantastic prize for the winner and all non-Scottish competitors will be given a certificate declaring them an honorary Scot.

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