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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Poorly parrot was lovesick

A Belfast man whose parrot could not stop throwing up has found out why - the bird was in love with him.

The man, named only as David, was so worrried about Harry the African Grey that he took him to see local vet Dan Flynn.

He told him that Harry, who was otherwise bright-eyed and shiny-feathered, vomited whenever he went near him, reports the BBC.

Mr Flynn quickly realised that Harry was not a sick parrot - he was a lovesick one.

"Birds regurgitate as a sign of affection," he explained. "It is quite well documented. Regurgitation and vomiting is a normal procedure for a bird.

"The father will regurgitate for its young when they are little chicks.

"We suggested getting a partner for Harry to distract his attention from David."

And it worked. Harry has found a new feathered friend and David rejoices in the luxury of clean shirts.

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