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Friday, June 17, 2011

Laurel-Ann Hardie trends on Twitter

A Canadian woman has been trending on Twitter because of her unusual name - Laurel-Ann Hardie.

Many people suspected the name was fake when it first surfaced online this week, but it has since emerged it is the real name of a Candian academic, reports Metro.

Professor Laurel-Ann Hardie, a lecturer working at the school of contemporary media at Fanshawe College in Ontario, adopted the name when she married her husband, James Hardie, giving up her maiden name Hasen.

On learning her name had created so much interest on Twitter, she said: "I am used to it. My husband and I worked together before we were married and people used to say if you were married you would be Laurel-Ann Hardie.

"It just seemed like fate. I am a Laurel and Hardy fan. I was given lots of posters of them as wedding presents."

Author and broadcaster Charlie Connelly got the Twittersphere talking when he posted a link to her profile on LinkedIn.

He said: "If we could track down a Keith Stonecops and a Mark Spruthers too, we'd really be on to something."

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