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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cop won't let drip stop flood relief

A policeman checked himself out of hospital with a drip still attached to his body so that he could carry on helping victims of flooding.

Jiao Jianwu, 50, had collapsed with exhaustion after working three days non-stop in flood-hit Wuhan, capital city of China's Hubei province.

He had been helping to put sandbags up, directing traffic round flood-damaged or blocked streets and assisting locals.

Doctors prescribed complete rest and told him to stay in hospital - but he refused and went back to work.

"I asked them what I could get in bed that I couldn't get in a police car where I would be more useful helping colleagues," he said.

"They told me rest and a drip - so I got them to fit the drip and took it to the car - hung it in the tree and carried on with my job."

Waters in the city had reached waist height in places and Jiao helped to man the radio from his police car to direct colleagues to trouble spots.

He said: "It was the call of duty - my colleagues would have done no different."

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