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Monday, September 5, 2011

Amazing moment a giant 'tornado'...

'The twister in the desert': 

Amazing moment a giant 'tornado' emerged from the sky (but turns out it was just a jet stream)

This is the moment a huge tornado appeared to be forming across the desert.

This stunning image appears to show the swirling wind gathering speed in front of a magnificent sunset.

But the fears of those watching it in the Saudi Arabian desert soon ebbed away when it became clear the super storm was in fact a vapour trail left by an aeroplane.

Stunning: This beautiful image appears to show swirling wind gathering speed in front of a magnificent sunset - but in fact it is just a vapour trail

Amateur photographer Tariq Almutlaq, 45, was picnicking in the Saudi Arabian desert near Riyadh with his family, when those around him began to point at the sky.

Fearing a tornado was imminent, they headed towards their cars - before realising it was nothing more than a jet trail.

Mr Almutlaq said: 'I had gone with my family for a picnic in the desert, and I thought I would take my camera along in the hope I would capture a stunning sunset.

Sun down: Amateur photographer Tariq Almutlaq was picnicking in the Saudi Arabian desert near Riyadh when he photographed the sunset

'The colours in the sky were beautiful, but the weather started to turn and it became quite windy.

'Suddenly, people began looking over to the horizon and pointing.

'I turned to see what was going on and saw what I thought was a huge tornado forming.

'Everybody started to panic, until we looked further along the trail - and noticed an aeroplane at the end of it.

Panic: Tariq said his family started to panic and run towards their cars fearing the 'tornado' would reach them

'It was a very unusual shape for a jet trail, I've never seen anything like it.

'I decided to take a couple of snaps, to show my friends how much it looked like a twister was coming straight towards us.

'I was very lucky to be in the right place at the right time.'

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