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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Email chauvinists in hot water

A property consultant who exchanged rude emails about his ex-girlfriend with a pal is in trouble - after accidentally forwarding the conversation to her.

Harry Fildes, 25, had been contacted by Sebastian Marsh, 24, who wanted to pursue his ex, Jenni Palmer, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Unfortunately for the former public schoolboy, he then accidentally included Miss Palmer in his chauvinistic reply.

Now, not only has she seen his expletive-laden description of her, but so have thousands of workers in the City after the emails went viral.

As if that was not embarrassing enough for the captain of the Old Salopian Football Club first XI, Miss Palmer is still his housemate.

The exchange began after his friend bumped into Miss Palmer, 24, a keen skier and marathon runner, during a night out.

Describing her as "a looker to say the least!!", Mr Marsh inquired, in the course of an email about their next football fixture, as to whether he could "have a go".

In reply, Mr Fildes described his ex in very derogatory terms and claimed that she had "messed" him around. However, he added: "Feel free to pursue, yes, she is HOT!"

But Mr Fildes had accidentally copied Miss Palmer into the conversation. Minutes later he realised his mistake and sent his friend frantic messages asking: "Can you recall emails?!"

He added: "I still live with her and that's why I am in so so so much trouble, we didn't get on before so this will be the final nail in the coffin."

Mr Fildes's bosses at property firm GL Hearn confirmed they were looking into the matter, while Mr Marsh has been suspended by Millers Insurance in London pending a probe.

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