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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cat shows off a head for heights

An amateur photographer has told how he managed to get this amazing picture of a cat balancing on a 17th floor balcony railing.

Ivo Berg, 22, a marketing engineer from Berlin, was visiting a friend who lived with his two pet cats in a high rise in Santiago, Chile.

He said: "As soon as I got to my friend's apartment I fell in love with the view but I was also very worried about the suicidal behaviour of his two cats.

"They would chase each other through the apartment, fighting and playing. But they would also jump on to the balcony and the railing.

"I was afraid that they could fall, but my friend told me that he tried stopping them from doing it several times, but that they wouldn't.

"It was incredibly frightening and I knew I needed to get a photograph of it, but the problem with cats is they never do what you want them to do.

"When I tried taking a photo they would sit on the railing until I had my equipment ready, then they would jump down and look at what I was doing.

"It was if they were intentionally trying to provoke me. Finally, it was my last evening in Chile and I was determined to get a photo.

"So I waited at the balcony for about 20 minutes, with my camera handy, for the cats to start playing.

"They didn't play, but Cereal jumped on the railing and sat there looking at me.

"I knew this was my chance - the background looked beautiful and I shot about 10 photos before she jumped down."

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