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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Unexploded bomb used as school bell

Anti mine campaigners in Uganda have told of their shock to find an unexploded bomb was being used as a school bell.

Workers with the Anti-Mine Network Rwenzori found teachers at a primary school in Kasese district using the mine as a bell.

They were banging it with a rock to call the 700 children at the school to classes or assembly, reports the Daily Monitor.

Wilson Bwambale, co-ordinator of the Anti-Mine Network Rwenzori, said teachers used the bomb in his presence to call students to order.

"It was a shock to us to find out that what the school was using as a bell was a bomb," he said.

"Its head was still active, which means that if it is hit by a stronger force, it would explode instantly and cause untold destruction in the area.

"But we withdrew it to a cordoned place, where it will soon be exploded."

It was the second bomb found in a Ugandan school within six months. Teachers at a different school found students using an unexploded bomb as a toy earlier this year.

Uganda was ravaged by a massive civil war 20 years ago, with fighting between 1996 and 2002. Numerous bombs are believed to still be strewn throughout the region.

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