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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Professor slammed for robbery book

A college professor has been criticised - for asking his students to plan robberies at 21 different banks and then publishing the results.

Lecturer Armin Blasbichler, from Innsbruck University, Austria, wanted architecture students to utilise the building's weaknesses to beat security systems.

The stunt produced a substantial backlash from the banks that were featured in the book, according to the Austrian Times newspaper.

"It was astonishingly irresponsible. This book is now a blueprint for every violent criminal in the city," said one.

Another said he was genuinely amazed about the feasibility of some of the so called 'emergency plans'.

Mr Blasbichler said: "We didn't want to steal anything. The purpose was for the students to get an eye for the architecture of the buildings.

"Architects have a unique way of thinking and anticipating potentials over and over again and we wanted the students to apply that process.

"We didn't want to cause any harm to the banks, quite the contrary. With the hypothetical scenarios produced, we acted in the service of the security of the banks."

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