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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Titanic Captain's Bath Tub

Plumbing the depths: Amazing pictures of Titanic captain Edward Smith's bathtub intact on the bottom of the ocean

This amazing picture of Titanic Captain Edward Smith's private bathtub is among a series of spectacular images that have been shown for the first time during a court case into the salvage rights.

The porcelain tub, which has intricate plumbing for both freshwater and seawater, has sat in the captain's cabin at the bottom of the ocean for almost 100 years.

Captain Smith went down with his ship on April 14,1912. He was one of an estimated 1500 people who lost their lives in the tragedy.

Frozen in time: The bath in Captain Edward Smith's cabin aboard the Titanic is in remarkably good condition

Captain Edward John Smith went down with the Titanic

Scientists showed never-seen-before images in a Virginia courtroom during an ongoing case into salvage rights.

Those present at the federal court room in Norfolk were given 3-D glasses to take a virtual tour of the Titanic’s stern, which lies 2,000 feet (609 meters) from the bow.

They were shown a series of dramatic three-dimensional views of the rusting hulk and the ghostly images of the sea floor where the ship sank almost a century ago.

The team who took part in a 2010 expedition to the North Atlantic wreck site said the images, taken from a remote-controlled submersible vehicle, are the most extensive and highest quality ever taken of the Titanic.

The ongoing salvage claim is still in dispute 26 years after the Titanic was discovered by oceanographer Robert Ballard.

Doomed: The 'unsinkable' Titanic setting sail from Southampton in 1912

A lifeboat crane, known as a davit, hangs over the edge of the Titanic's hull where it had been used to lower wooden boats over the side

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