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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Most Unusual Pregnancy

I got pregnant while I was already pregnant! Woman gives birth to two babies on the same day but they are NOT twins

After struggling with infertility for three years, Julia Grovenburg and her husband Todd seriously considered adopting a baby from a foreign country in order to complete their dreams of having a family.

But in a final and desperate attempt to have children of their own, the couple gave it one last try and on one lucky Sunday afternoon in July 2009, Julia's pregnancy test finally came back positive.

However, because Mrs Grovenburg, 33, and her 34-year-old husband had been trying so hard to conceive, she actually became pregnant twice within two weeks, shocking the world with their unusual pregnancy news.

Julia Grovenburg, 33, and her husband Todd, 34, had been trying so hard to conceive that she became pregnant twice within two weeks, a phenomenon known as 'superfetation'

As one of only 11 women ever reported to get pregnant while already pregnant, Mrs Grovenburg's pregnancy was eventually identified as 'superfetation', meaning two babies are conceived at different times, born on the same day yet - medically speaking - are not considered twins.

Now, after having just celebrated her babies' first birthday, the mother, who lives in Fort Smith Arkansas, details her struggles through such a rare pregnancy and the difficulties she's had to face raising two non-twin babies at the same time.

Mrs Grovenburg gave birth by Caesarean section to two healthy non-twin babies, Jillian and Hudson, on December 2, 2010

Mrs Grovenburg's doctors were baffled by the image on the ultrasound showing two separate babies in two separate sacks, yet one much large and more developed than the other

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