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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Couple grow old together - in a day

A young Chinese couple spent more than £2,000 on a special set of photographs to show their commitment to growing old together.

Zhang Jin, 25, and fiancee Yao Zenni, 26, wore make-up and dyed their hair to look decades older than their real age.

The photos were intended to recreate a famous Chinese love song which includes the line: 'The most romantic thing is growing old with you'.

Zhang said: "We wanted to experience the feeling of getting old together and the warmth of a lifetime of love."

The couple, of Nanjing, capital of eastern China's Jiangsu Province, came up with the idea for the photographs to celebrate their wedding later this year.

As well as being made-up and dressing to look old, they hired a snow machine for the photo session in the local Bailuzhou Park.

Photography director Deng Feibiao said they wanted to create the illusion of an old couple supporting each other through a forest on a cold winter's day - even though it was really 38C.

During the photo-shoot, Yao asked Zhang whether he would grow tired of her when she grew old and ugly.

He replied: "No, my lady, you'll always be my beautiful wife. And I am always your ugly husband."

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