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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Chimpanzees In Guinea

Wildlife photographers Anup Shah and Fiona Rogers travelled to the Bossou Forest in Guinea in western Africa to photograph a family of chimpanzees

Fiona says: "Photographing chimpanzees is so much fun. The young ones love to chase each other and play, on the ground and in the trees"

The couple met three-year-old western chimpanzee Flanle and...

...six-year-old Joya. Fiona says: "They loved playing rough-and-tumble but were affectionate too. One day, during one of their games, they stopped and cuddled each other"

Anup adds: "Watching young chimpanzees play is like watching human children. As they chase, wrestle and tease each other they are also learning vital skills they need in adult life as well as strengthening social bonds"

"The adults are very patient with the pesky youngsters and sometimes join in with their games. But just like humans, their patience can sometimes run out"

Anup and Fiona saw this when Flanle and Joya were playing near Jeje, Joya's 13-year-old brother, as he used a rock to crack open oil palm nuts

Anup recalls: "One day, Flanle found a 'leaf crown' in the forest. People in the nearby village wear these to support the weight of heavy objects they carry on their heads. Flanle seemed to know exactly what to do with it and paraded about on two legs, as if he were one of the villagers"

Elderly chimpanzee male Tua plays with male infant Flanle

They take their time

Flanle uses a leaf as a sponge to drink water from a hole in a tree

Two chimps sit on the ground grooming each other

The elder chimp is content while the youngsters play

The elder chimp seems worried here

Nap time

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