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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Depressed ferret flees circus

A ferret has escaped from a circus in Siberia along with a monkey and a red-breasted parakeet - because they were all depressed.

Workers at the circus, in the eastern city of Chita, said the animals were feeling down because of the endless bad weather.

Circus art director Zhanna Lazerson told the Moscow Times: "We believe the creatures have fled because of their depression - the rain in Chita just doesn't stop.

"We found the monkey in a doghouse in the morning, and the two animals were cuddling in their sleep. But the search for the ferret and the parakeet goes on."

She said the escape has added to the animals' depression in the circus because the male parakeet was partnered on stage with a female parakeet who was now missing him.

The ferret is less missed, with Ms Lazerson calling him a "terrible glutton, idle to the core".

Nevertheless, the troupe hopes the animals will return to their circus home once they get really hungry. Weather forecasts say the rain won't let up in Chita this week.

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