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Friday, April 15, 2011

Cat gives birth to dog

A pet cat has found fame in Yangshan, eastern China's Jiangsu Province, after giving birth to a puppy.

The cat's owner Zhou Yun was aware the cat was pregnant and at the start of April gave birth to two kittens. However, when Zhang went to check, one of the kittens had died.

"I then noticed the other kitten surprisingly looks like a dog," explained Zhou.

Zhou raises a cat and a dog in her home as pets, and Zhou said the cat and the dog enjoy a good relationship - even eating and sleeping together. "Quite possibly the kitty is a mixed child," said Zhou.
Lai Xiaoyun, president of a local pet clinic, came to the house and checked the cat puppy, but said it's impossible that a cat could give birth to a dog.

Lai said quite possibly the cat gave birth to two kittens in the early morning, and one died. Lai reasoned: "So the cat went out and accidentally found a litter of newborn puppies and took one home."

"Cats and dogs are two different species and it's impossible to have joint descendants," concluded Lai.

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