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Friday, April 29, 2011

Tiny tribute to royal couple's big day

A Birmingham artist has paid microscopic tribute to the royal wedding.

Willard Wigan has created a sculpture of Prince William and Catherine Middleton so small it can fit in the eye of a needle.

In the tiny artwork, the couple can be seen arm-in-arm, with Kate wearing her famous blue Issa engagement dress.

Mr Willard said his aim was to create "the smallest, biggest tribute" to the couple on their wedding day.

He is famous for his micro-sculptures, which can only be seen clearly through a microscope.
For his Wills and Kate tribute he sculpted a tiny piece of synthetic fibre which he then painted using a single eyelash.

Previously he has immortalised the likes of Barack Obama in miniature as well as inscribing the Lord's Prayer on a pin-head.

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