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Friday, April 15, 2011

Man turns down for £80,000 for milk bottles

A Worcestershire man has turned down an £80,000 offer for his vast collection of milk bottles.

Steve Wheeler, 61, from Malvern, has scoured farm yards and land around the world for 25 years for his hobby.

And the ex-businessman does not even like milk, reports The Mirror.

He has amassed 17,500 unusually shaped bottles, some dating from the 19th century, but insists it was not hard to turn down a fellow enthusiast's offer.

"I'd never sell my collection - it means too much to me," he said.
"It's worth a lot of money but I don't even have it insured. If the bottles get broken or stolen, they can't be replaced."

He has built an 80ft shed to house the collection - which weighs more than 14 tonnes - behind his home.

Wife Sue, also 61, said: "I don't really like the clutter but I've been to parts of Britain I'd never have seen otherwise and met lovely people on bottle hunts."

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