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Saturday, April 9, 2011

London Tourist Attractions and 2012 Olympics

City of London has various attractions to offer the tourists. Around 3.5 million tourists visit London every year. Tower Bridge, Piccadilly Circus, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and St. Paul’s Cathedral are some of the top attractions in London. London Eye – the 135 meter high observation giant wheel is also one of the biggest attractions of London. It is the biggest giant wheel in the world situated on South Bank and on a clear day, it offers 25 miles of splendid view. However, the newest tourist attraction in London is going to be the London Olympics 2012.

London is hosting international sports for past several years. In 1948, London had hosted Olympic Games. Amongst the most popular international games, London is hosting tennis tournaments every year at Wimbledon, a very spectacular village. Game lovers enjoyed a lot of thrilling championship games like the game played between the Williams sisters, Serena and Venus. London has given great players like, Wyne Rooney and football legend David Beckham.

London has a bright past record of managing big events, but talking about Olympics 2012, it is a big responsibility as the whole world is watching London. That is why, this event means a lot to London. Not only citizens of London but also the entire world population is expecting a lot. London Olympics Managing committee has a great responsibility of planning the event, building the structure, organizing all infrastructure development and completing the project in time. They have worked hard to overcome the recession and you can see new face of London soon. Huge amount of temporary jobs have been now available and the structure they are constructing can be reused or move to another desired place. It all means that in the future there is an opportunity for more jobs and more scope for such events in London.

This event will boost London’s economy to the great extent. This event will attract game lovers to London from all over the world. Money spent on shopping, transportation, accommodation, and on restaurant by visitors is the other side of coin. London city’s water sources are being rejuvenated for the event, and a huge parkland is being developed. City of London is visitor’s paradise offering a lot to the visitors. This Olympics event will surely provide a wonderful atmosphere to get London’s multicultural people together by maintaining a friendly rivalry. Everyone will be easily united by a single language. English is the native language of London and the prime language spoken in various countries.

Media and social sites will play a very important role in promotion of London Olympics. Every one would like to tweet on twitter about games, while you can enjoy videos on You Tube. Every one wants to know more about this event so you can get updated information on the official olympics website http://www.london-2012.co.uk.

8 million tickets are estimated for Olympic Games and 5 million tickets for the Paralympics. Tickets and entry passes would be available from year 2011, but game lovers have started to keeping track of latest updates on ticketing schedule. In March 2011, tickets for London Olympics 2012 will be available for sale. Therefore, there will be a huge fun and entertainment during London Olympic 2012. Olympics 2012 is surely going to be a major tourist attraction in London.

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  1. London Olympics 2012 are really going to be the next year's best event. Airport authorities expect a boost at the airports and hotels in London already receive requests for reservations. I hope to be able to watch the Olympics.

    Regards from Gatwick North Terminal Hotels!


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