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Friday, April 15, 2011

Wedding dress with 99,999 pearls sparkles

A romantic Chinese man took a year to make his bride a dazzling wedding gown which was decorated with 99,999 pearls.

As the number nine has the same pronunciation as "long-term or forever", this wedding gown Peng Yu made contains the meaning of loving his bride forever.

Peng Yu (58) had the wedding this April 12th, after his first wife died years ago. And the bride, Yang Pingzhi was quite touched in wearing this wedding gown made with 99,999 pearls.

Peng runs a pearl company in Beihai, southern China's Guangxi Province. Peng explained: "Two years ago, when Yang agreed to marry me, I started to think what surprise I should give her?"

Peng finally decided to make a very special wedding gown.
Peng invited a Hong Kong designer to make the gown, and bought 99,999 light water pearls to make this gown.

The pearls were sewn onto the gown with the help of seven friends of the bride, and just the pearl sewing part took the seven sisters a year to finish.

The final wedding gown weighs nine kilos.

Last month, Peng applied to the British World Guinness Office for a record for the dress with the most pearls.

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