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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pint-sized hell-raiser trashes bar


A video of a seemingly 'drunk' baby causing mayhem in a pub has become an internet phenomenon by notching up nearly seven million hits.

Swedish filmmaker Johannes Nyholm used his one-year-old daughter Helmi for the clip which has been posted on YouTube.

Helmi is filmed downing a number of supposedly alcoholic beers and cocktails before stumbling around the shrunken bar set.

She then steals food and drink from other pub goers, played by puppets, and ends up knocking a table over.

The one-minute Youtube clip is the trailer for the short film 'Las Palmas' where a middle-aged lady - played by Helmi - goes on holiday to the capital of Gran Canaria.

The full length version also apparently features Helmi smoking on a motorbike and asleep on the beach with a bottle of beer at her side.
Las Palmas recently won Best Short Film and the Audience Award at the Gothenburg Film Festival despite not being fully finished.

Nyholm said: "It's my daughter in the film and she was the inspiration - everything came from her. I've had all manner of reactions to it but most have been very positive.

"There has been some criticism though - from using a small child in a film production to making fun of middle aged ladies and Las Palmas."

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