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Friday, April 1, 2011

China's answer to Little and Large

Asia's tallest man and China's shortest have teamed up in a 'little and large' act to raise money for children's charities.

Xu Guoyuan, who is 7ft 10ins tall, and 3ft 4ins Zhang Huan are putting on a month long series of shows to pay for a £50,000 home for disabled children in Chongqing.

"Huan looks like a little doll next to his partner. They're very funny together," said one fan.

The pair set themselves up as a double act, called the Heaven and Earth Brothers, after they were introduced by their agents. They do comedy and perform conjuring tricks.

Xu, 24, said: "We live together now which means we have to have everything at different heights - two toilets, two sinks, two kitchen top.

"Luckily we save on transport because I can just pop Huan in my pocket."

Xu and Zhang, 25, were mobbed by crowds of fans when they arrived by train in Chongqing for their shows.

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