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Friday, April 1, 2011

Were you fooled on April 1?

The world's websites, newspapers and broadcasters have been trying to dupe their users with a host of dubious stories to mark April Fools' Day.

Perhaps the most impressive effort was from comedian Rob Brydon who presented the entire Ken Bruce Show on Radio 2 in the broadcaster's voice.

One of the more unlikely tales doing the rounds was that Ikea had launched a high chair for dog owners who didn't want their pets to miss out on family meals. The Hundstol dog highchair is apparently painted in pooch-friendly lead free paint and features in-built dog bowls for food and water.

The Independent carried a report that Portugal had sold Cristiano Ronaldo to Spain for 160m euro to relieve the country's debt crisis. The Real Madrid winger had reportedly agreed to "act like a patriot" and defect to the Spanish national team.

The Sun newspaper claimed that gorillas at Port Lympne wild animal park had been given iPads to play with. The gorillas had reportedly quickly learned to turn the screens on and off, were fascinated by the colours and pictures and hadn't broken a single one.

Mirror reporter Flora Olip - an anagram of April fool - revealed that the Government was to introduced a "gasp" bill to raise taxes from fresh air. People in rural areas would have to pay more for their cleaner air but those in polluted cities would pay less.
The Rex news agency carried a report on its home page saying that Sex Pistol John Lydon was to perform at Prince William and Catherine Middleton's wedding reception. Anyone clicking on the link was greeted by a picture of the singer in his punk heyday and the words 'April Fool'.

The Daily Telegraph featured a fashion article about a new perfume smelling of wet dogs - Eau de Mutt - which had apparently become an unlikely bestseller online among pet owners who wanted a reminder of their dogs when away from home.

And the Daily Express reported that a company had developed a modified Zimmer walking frame which incorporated a skateboard for pensioners who wanted something "a little more speedy".

The MSN portal carried a story that Prince Harry was planning a 24-hour 'Twitathon' during his brother's wedding to Kate Middleton. The 'warts and all' expose would include the funniest one-liners from his best-man's speech. Yahoo, meanwhile, claimed a Nessie like creature had been spotted in Sydney Harbour.

YouTube joined the fun by rolling the clock back 100 years to 1911. All of the videos on its home page had been recreated in flickering black and white, with speech captions and tinkly piano music backing. "By selecting 1911, you are travelling back in time to YouTube's earliest days, when videos were sent to us for upload via horse-drawn carriage," said the website.
Google announced a new development for its Google Mail service. Gmail Motion would apparently dispense with the need for a keyboard by interpreting the user's body movements to work out what it was they wanted to say.

And Kodak announced what sounded like a potentially useful app that would enable people to remove images of their ex-boyfriend or girlfriend from photographs. Called Relationshiffft, it "helps you remove a person who is no longer in your life from your photos and videos all with one touch simplicity".

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