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Monday, August 8, 2011

Acrobat walks wire between balloons

A Chinese high wire artist walked into the record books - by crossing a wire between two hot air balloons 100 feet off the ground.

Saimaiti Aishan encountered some problems in crossing between the two balloons, sitting down halfway across when he had problems with his balancing pole.

But he completed the 15 metre walk, in Xinning County, southern China's Hunan Province, to achieve his fourth Guinness World Record.

However, he failed in another record attempt - walking between the hot balloons at a height of 100 meters - due to strong winds.

Dawa Zi, also known as high-wire, is a traditional acrobatic performance of the Uygur nationality, in Xinjiang Province.

As a seventh-generation Dawa Zi, Aishan already had three Guinness World Records - for the longest headstand on a high wire, walking backwards on a high wire and walking on the steepest high wire.

His next target is to walk along a high wire between two flying helicopters.

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