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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Peacock flies into eighth floor flat

A Chinese woman has spoken of a surprise - after a peacock flew into her eight floor apartment.

An Qiyu, of Chongqing city, was watching television in her bedroom when she suddenly heard noises from her living room.

"I went to check what it was and couldn't believe it when I saw a beautiful peacock staring at me," she said.

An says the bird must have flown through the open living room window.

She had no idea what to do with the bird and is keeping it for now in a dog cage in her bathroom.

"I searched online and found that peacocks' favourite food is maize. I bought some but it won't eat it - all I have managed to feed it is a little bread," she said.

She is now hoping a local zoo will come and take the bird away - not least because it wakes her every morning by honking like a goose.

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