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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Man says it with dancing carrots

A Chinese man persuaded 48 friends to dress as giant carrots in a bizarre but successful bid to win his girlfriend's hand in marriage.

Pang Kun's pals donned costumes to dance in a shopping mall in Qingdao, Shandong Province, to attract girlfriend Xhao Xinyu's attention.

Meanwhile Pang, who had slipped away from Zhao pretending he needed the toilet, began speaking on a microphone.

"Six months ago, I met you. I still remember your shyness on our first date, my longing for the next date and my excitement when I first held your hand at the cinema," he began.

A surprised Zhao recognised Pang's voice but couldn't see him and tried to call him on his mobile phone.

Suddenly, one of the carrots walked up to her and removed his costume, revealing that it was Pang, who knelt down and proposed.

As passers-by chanted "marry him! marry him!", Zhao nodded shyly and the couple celebrated with a kiss.

Yuan Mei, a friend of Pang, said Zhao had planned the project with his friends for three weeks.

He had chosen carrots because orange was Zhao's favourite colour.

"He spent around 100,000 Yuan (£10,000), including costumes, actors and equipment," he said. "They rehearsed the dance for two full days."

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