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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mountain bike ace rides again

Mountain-bike ace Danny MacAskill - whose stunts have attracted millions of hits on YouTube - has done it again.

His latest amazing video Industrial Revolutions - shot for a Channel 4 TV documentary about urban sports - has notched up 400,000 hits in just one week.

In the five minute film, the former Edinburgh bike-shop worker can be seen pulling a series of almost unbelievable stunts, jumps, bounces and flips in a derelict industrial train yard.

But it still has some way to go before matching the 40 million plus hits of his original two YouTube videos.

Astounded users have been leaving comments such as "so impressive! crazy yet so awesome, great filming too!" and "I couldn't even do half those tricks in my dreams!! unreal stuff simply magnificent".

Others were so taken aback by the stunts they assumed the film was a fake or had at least been massively edited.

But as one poster pointed out: "I doubt it man, some people are gifted with inhuman abilities.? If he'd taken 50 tries on each one he'd probably be dead."

Channel 4's Concrete Circus teamed up young film-makers with MacAskill, Spanish skateboarder Kilian Martin, BMX biker Keelan Phillips and parkour or free-running experts Paul Joseph and Phil Doyle.

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