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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Man let 'deadly' snakes bite daughter

A snake handler has been slammed in Australia after he let 'deadly' snakes bite his 10-year-old daughter to prove they had been de-venomised.

Raymond Hoser, 49, allowed a taipan and a death adder to bite his daughter during a demonstration at a Melbourne shopping centre, the Manningham Leader reports.

Mr Hoser, a director of reptile education company Snakebusters, said a video of the incident, which left his daughter with bleeding puncture wounds in her forearm, proved she had never been at risk.

"She was only bleeding and if they'd been venomous she'd have been dead in two minutes," Mr Hoser said.

"If I'm confident to do that to her, it shows you I have never used a snake with venom."

Mr Hoser was fined £7,650 for breaches of his Commercial Wildlife Demonstrator Licence.

Australian Childhood Foundation chief executive Joe Tucci said children should never be put through an ordeal to prove a point.

"Children should never be exposed to unnecessary harm so there's no reason for a dad to put their children through something like that," he said.

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