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Monday, August 22, 2011

Farmer flies home-made flying saucer

A Chinese farmer has successfully completed a maiden flight in his home-made flying saucer.

Shu Mansheng, who has only a basic school education, controlled the craft to a height of two metres.

He taught himself mechanics and electronics to build the flying saucer which is powered by eight engines attached to propellers.

It's not the first time the farmer has branched out into aviation - he built two jet planes at home, although both projects failed.

The first one didn't get off the ground after a tyre blew out on his runway while the second crashed on take off.

But Shu, of Wuhan, Hubei Province, was not discouraged and turned his attention to flying saucers.

He spent £6,000 on his first flying saucer last year but that also failed to take off.

Shu went back to the drawing board and started work on the second version this year which he has now successfully flown.

He now plans to further refine his flying saucer and also hopes to set up a school for children interested in similar projects.

"My dream is to establish a special school where kids would be able to learn all sorts of things they don't teach in ordinary schools," he explained.

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