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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mr Feathers refuses to be ruffled

A five-month-old featherless chicken has become something of a local celebrity.

Owner Lao Yin said the unique chicken, who is housed at his farm in Laoshan, Qingdao, northern China's Shandong Province, is often bullied by its peers.

"I started to notice it was different 10 days after its birth because while others were fluffy, he was almost naked," said Lao Yin.

Lao Yin called the featherless chicken Ha Mao (Mr Feather).

Not only does Hao Mao not grow feathers, but it also puts on weight very slowly. It weighs less than half a kilogram, while its peers are two to three kilos.

Lao Yin also owns a farm restaurant, and Ha Mao is quite a celebrity there.

He added: "Some customers are dedicated to visit and take pictures of themselves with Hao Mao. And some have even offered me high prices for it, but I have refused."

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