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Monday, August 22, 2011

Rainbow ants are what they eat

An Indian scientist created this photograph which gives new meaning to the phrase: "You are what you eat!"

Dr Mohamed Babu, 53, came up with the idea after his wife showed him how ants turned white after drinking spilt milk.

He mixed sugar drops with edible red, green, blue and yellow colours before placing them in his garden to attract the insects.

Dr Babu said: "I shot the photo in my garden to take advantage of the natural lighting and set a paraffin sheet with coloured sugar drops near some ants.

"As the ant's abdomen is semi-transparent, the ants gain the colours as they sip the liquid.

"I really toiled to get a photo. The crowd always used to become unmanageable within a few minutes and while I managed my camera with my right hand, my left hand was busy removing the extra ants.

"Once I lost the chance, I could only repeat it the next day."

Dr Babu, from Mysore, in South India, added: "Curiously, the ants preferred light colours, yellow and green.

"The darker green and blue drops had no takers, till there was no space around the preferred yellow and green drops."

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