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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Teens survive 900ft mountain fall

Two Austrian teenagers astonished rescuers when they survived a 900ft fall down a precipice with a landing so hard it folded their car in half.

J├╝rgen Oster, 16, and friend Felix Lemann, 18 - sailed off the edge of a mountain pass in Zillertal, Switzerland, before landing at the bottom of a valley, say police.

A nearby hunter who raised the alarm was amazed when he discovered both teenagers were still alive after leaving the road on a sharp bend.

"The car had folded in half like penknife. It's a miracle they survived. I spotted it because I saw where it had left the road and saw the vehicle parts scattered on the mountain as the car had crashed down the side," he told police.

Both were airlifted to hospital in nearby Innsbruck across the border in Austria by rescue services convinced the pair mist have massive internal injuries after the spectacular crash.

But incredibly the 16 year old was released a day later and the 18-year-old was also said to have got off lightly with his injuries.

Police said neither of the pair had been drinking and had driven into Switzerland for a short break when the accident happened on the narrow mountain road.

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