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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Batman, 91, needs new Robin

A 91-year-old crimefighter, who calls himself a modern day Batman, has been told to stay at home until he can find himself a new sidekick.

War veteran John Bray has been told it's too dangerous for him to carry on with his solo night patrols on the streets of Waipawa.

He served in a raiding unit in the Second World War and considered himself qualified to deal with criminals in the North Island town.

He signed up for the local communtiy patrol which cruises the streets at night and reports on any suspicious activity to the police.
Just like Batman, Mr Bray started out with a Robin-like partner, but decided to ditch him after he kept falling asleep on duty.

But he has now been told by the head of the community patrol organisation to put his career on hold as he cannot work alone.

"I want to keep going so now I have to find a new partner," Mr Bray said.

"Definitely, it's been a success. It keeps the police informed of anything that's going on," he added.

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