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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Golf club acts after balls hit nuns

A golf club is changing the layout of its course - because nuns at a nearby convent school keep getting hit by stray balls.

Torquay Golf Club has received complaints from nuns at the Stoodley Knowle independent convent girls' school, reports Metro.

The nuns have recently bought two Georgian houses near to the golf course and are in the process of refurbishing them.

And the golf club has now agreed to make changes to holes over fears that one of the 14 nuns could be injured.

Club secretary Colin Nolan said: "If the odd ball was going over the wall it would be all right, but when it is two or three balls a day then it becomes a bigger problem.

"The nuns don't want golf balls to hit them on the head or damage the glass conservatory they're building and have to pay the bill.

"And we don't want to cause anyone any problem either. We just want to be good neighbours."

None of the nuns wished to comment.

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