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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Couples tie the knot in cemetery

Two couples in China held their weddings in a cemetery - to publicly declare they would be together until parted by death.

All four are workers at the Yong'an Cemetery in Tianjin and exchanged their vows among the grave stones.

Their wedding procession was made out of 26 cemetery carts which were specially decorated for the occasion.

Groom Wu Di married his bride Yang Xi, while his friend Wei Jian married his fiancee Liu Ling.

"We work here, and we know each other here. The cemetery witnessed our love. Only death could part us," said Wu Di.

"It's a natural choice for us, as we work here and love this place. All the ancestors lying underneath are our wedding witnesses."

During the wedding, each couple also planted saplings to wish their love and marriage would be long-lasting.

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