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Saturday, May 14, 2011

'Batman' held in rooftop arrest

A man was arrested after being found hanging off the ledge of a 30ft building while dressed as Batman.

Police say Mark Williams, 31, had 'dangerous weapons' in his utlity belt when they found him in Petoskey, Michigan.

He was wearing lead-lined gloves and his utility belt contained a collapsible baton and a container of pepper spray.

Police officers spotted Mr Williams hanging onto the roof of the building in Petoskey, Michigan.

A police spokesman said officers "observed a male subject, dressed in a Batman costume, hanging off the western wall of the building.
"Officers gained access to the roof and pulled the subject back onto the roof."

Mr Williams was photographed in costume and was charged with possession of dangerous weapons in addition to trespassing.

He describes himself as a self-confessed 'geek' on his Myspace profile and says that one of his favourite films is The Dark Knight.

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