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Friday, May 6, 2011

Crematorium to heat swimming pool

Heat generated by cremating bodies could be used to warm up people using a swimming pool in Hampshire.

Rushmoor Borough Council says heat from the crematorium's furnaces could be used to heat Aldershot Lido.

It is trying to make the lido viable and more attractive to paying visitors as it tries to deal with a £2.4m cut in its government grant.

The crematorium and pools complex are both in Guildford Road, near Aldershot Park.
Coun Eric Neal said "I'd like to think in the strange times, we consider every option. We should be prepared to try any option to keep it open."

Closing the lido is understood to have been one of the options presented to councillors to save money.

But opposition from councillors led them to decide against it and focus on looking at a new way of running it to keep it open.

Now the council is to organise a cross-party group to look into the options for "the way forward".

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