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Friday, May 20, 2011

Couple 'gatecrashed Royal honeymoon'

A sailor says he was pounced on by Royal minders after accidentally invading Prince William and Kate Middleton's honeymoon island in the Seychelles.

Martin Ernstbrunner, 36, from Bad Fischau, Austria, claims he and girlfriend Tracy were trying to land their home made catamaran on what they thought was a deserted island.

The couple were on an island-hopping cruise in the Indian Ocean when they spotted what they thought was the perfect empty beach.

But Mr Ernstbrunner told Austria's Heute newspaper that royal security and local coastguards began swarming over their boat as soon as they landed.

"It just shows you that no matter how far you go, how much you pay and how good the security is - you just can't stop a German-speaking holidaymaker from trying to put his towel on your sun bed," laughed one royal aide.

The royal couple reportedly paid £40,000-a-night for total privacy on the remote island away from prying eyes.

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