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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Legless swimmer overcomes disability

A student has overcome losing nearly half of his body in China's massive Sichuan earthquake to become a top swimmer.

When the roof fell in on his school in Beichuan three years ago, Dai Guohong's legs were crushed under tonnes or rubble that killed 26 of his classmates.
But after a series of operations, Guohong, now 18, was picked by local disabled sports chiefs to train as a Paralympics swimmer and is coming to compete in London next year.

"I didn't have any professional swimming training before. But doctors said swimming is good for the body, so I went to have a try," he explained.

"I just seemed to take to it because of the freedom it gave me to move. Suddenly I wasn't disabled any more. I can't wait to get to London and show what I can do," added Guohong.

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